Jan 16, 2021

The First Week Back.

Bunches of ombre blue roses to all those who've also survived their first week back at work.

Mastering the route to a different vacation care program and car line on that first Monday morning commute was a special adventure on its own.  The upside was that by the time I reached the work car park, there was no time for any back to work blues.  I was high on the adrenaline rush that came with the successful completion of the morning's special mission.

Blu Tak is just one of those back to work essentials.  Even in our allegedly paperless workplaces.

I was obviously late to the Blu Tak restock party because all that was left when I finally remembered was the dayglo rainbow packs.  Not that I'm complaining.  There isn't an office wall that couldn't benefit from a few artfully placed blobs of hot pink or orange Blu Tak.  Harmoniously wedged in between the new wall art from last year's school art portfolio, of course.

Of course, the weather would decide to get all summery the moment I had to head back to work.  Silver linings - air conditioning at work and oodles of ice cubes at home with which to make 'DIY with Moccona because it's too hot to wait at a cafe' iced lattes with.

Glad we managed to get in a round trip on the ferry and sky train to the zoo all the same.

It's always the way how it only takes days back at work to get that slightly overscheduled, need a moment to myself feeling back.  

My first 'moment' of the year happened in front of the deodorant at Woolies.  I was alone and fellow customers were thin on the ground because it was that window in the afternoon between lunch and after work.  The quiet.  The stillness.  The space around me.  The not having anything to do but breathe and pick one.  Thank you, planets, for aligning to create that particular moment.

School's back in a fortnight and with that will be another kick up in the overscheduling and the busyness.  I'm hoping to keep the shutters pushed open each day so that I can throw open the double doors to let nature and the memories of our little holiday at home this summer.

Be well.

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