Feb 8, 2021

The Parents of Saturday Sport. Memories of the Weekend.

I'm officially one of you, Parents of Saturday Sport.  As of the weekend just gone.

It's a brave new world in the parenting experience, isn't it?  So many fixture lists, so many places to drive to, such early Saturday morning starts without the benefit of a proper coffee, so many uniform items that one is required to maintain in an immaculate, snowy white state.

But we do what we have to do.  Which is why I waited a full 10 minutes after a role call before discretely making tracks up the hill for the row of fancy shops and eateries closest to the tennis courts.  By my calculations, I could have a coffee at a different place each week for the rest of the term so be prepared for more atmospheric Saturday morning coffee still lifes.  Lots more.

I think there will also be many accompanying refuelling action shots to go with too.  Saturday sport is hungry work.  After this sausage sizzle and a full bottle of cold-pressed juice was a full lunch, pre-afternoon tea, afternoon tea and dinner.

The rainy weather we had over the weekend was the perfect setting to accompany the weekend's main cooking project - the Recipe Tin Eats definitive take on Beef Bourguignon.  Yes, that was an entire bottle of Pinot Noir that went into the marinade on Friday night.

Saturday's labour of love was to sieve the marinade from the beef and other ingredients before painstakingly browning each one separately.

It was a two-step 'baking' process in my trusty Le Creuset Dutch oven.

Two and half hours later, this was the vision that greeted me when I opened the oven and then the lid.

via OfficeWorks

As an aside, a teaspoon of White King bleach in the water you soak your Dutch oven in overnight miraculously removes ALL the staining that cooking your Beef Bourguignon may have caused.

Sunday was our day at the newly refurbished Australian Museum.  This view from the floor-length front windows never gets old.

The refurbishment retained the best of the old and added light-filled and airy common spaces between the main exhibit halls.  

We were there to meet The Tyrannosaur Family.  And meet them we did.  In traditional skeleton and model form, via touch screen and on film as they took over Circular Quay (on film).

We will be back often this year, I think.

Hungry work seems to be the theme of this post.  We had an early dinner after the museum at the iconic Stanley Street Italian restaurant, Bill and Toni's afterward.  The two-storey shop front brought back memories of the shop houses in Boston's Little Italy.  The cafe downstairs serves all-day coffee, cake and gelato while dinner begins at 5pm upstairs in the restaurant.  The boys demolished their bolognese and savoured every drop of the house fruit cordial while the marinara, lasagna and veal schnitzel with cheese received top marks from the parents.

The memories.  I'm sitting here typing on a grey Monday afternoon.  These weekends of ours fly by so quickly and never overstay their welcome.

Until the next one!

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