Feb 1, 2021

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: January 2021.

And breathe.

It was such a relief writing 'January 2021' for the first time this year.  

Hot Cross Buns just after New Year's, a bargain box of usually spendy chocolate added to the groceries, January was all about the extended staycation for me.  Well, mostly, at least.

And then real life recommenced.  It was a rude shock but I am grateful for those beach days I squeezed in at the end of the month.  They made it all bearable.

  1. Starting the year as I mean it to continue.  A virtual 10K through Boston, the morning spent trying to master Mario Kart Deluxe, an afternoon with friends at Jubilee Park. 

  2. Grey skies and rain clouds as far as the eye can see.  Again.  It was a wise decision for this household to stubbornly refuse to take down the indoor Christmas fairy lights.  Their glittering bursts of colour have given this weather the staycation magic it desperately needs.
  3. The sun shining over the backyard this afternoon. 

    A sight I thought I wouldn't see again for the rest of the month if the weather forecast has been anything to go by.
  4. That's quite a storm brewing outside.  Feeling safe and dry this afternoon as we sip mugs of tea and hot chocolate at home. 

    Fresh popcorn also makes everything okay.
  5. Bubbles!! 

    I can't work out if these are my first or second most favourite kind.  Homemade bubble solution made with glucose, dishwashing liquid and tap water makes for bubbles with such a high surface tension they hold their shape in the air for ages - shimmering away and reflecting as they do so.  Very other world-like.
  6. The calming, coral like crystals of our 'found it at Kmart' science project. I could watch them grow for hours.  

  7. The perfect weather for lasagna.

  8. Last Friday of annual leave and my return to work mojo has made a timely appearance.  Actually looking forward to Monday.
  9. When worlds collide.  My iFit trainer, the inspiring and empowering Hannah Eden referenced Jay Shetty and his book, 'Think Like A Monk' this morning.  Needless to say, I ran strong with their collective wisdom on my mind.
  10. Typical. 

    Summer's most perfect weather makes an appearance on the last weekend of my annual leave.  The zoo was great fun, as always.
  11. First day back at work and I was firing on all cylinders. 

    I even made friends with Teams.  It's updating to my Apple Watch.  Adios, WhatsApp.
  12. I didn't think it was even possible but I stood in line in the post office today behind a person who waits in line in an even more 'actively impatient' way than I do.  I took notes and took a long hard look at myself....
  13. On Wednesdays, we alpaca.

  14. Finally getting into both my novels.  One's a murder mystery and the other is a fluffy Kevin Kwan. 

    So glad I didn't give up on either of them.
  15. My local Target is going to become a KMart as part of the Wesfarmers restructure of its Target stores. 

    Mixed emotions.  It was a sad moment when I had to break the news to mum.  
  16. It's the little things that are the most satisfying.  Today, I restored a favourite pair of white pillowcases with a solution of bleach and Vanish in the magenta tub.
  17. Still dreaming of Cappadocia, Turkey. 
    via Google images

    Its fairy chimneys, subterranean networks of cave homes and the mystic elements of its cultural history.  How did I visit from Sydney during a weekend during the pandemic?  Via iFit on my trusty treadmill, of course!
  18. Hectic day at work but happy to have (almost) skipped out of work under the slow-burning glow of the late afternoon sun.
  19. Felling on top of the world! 

    I fixed my printer problem all on my own using this $20 cable as opposed to making an emergency call to Geeks2U!!
  20. Well, that escalated quickly.   My brain hurts.  
  21. Kitty Flangan's memoir, 'Burning Brdiges and Other Hobbies' is my current Audible listen. 

    Today, Kitty revealed her love of crochet.  And how it's an official sign of being old.  I'm so old, I'm fine with that.  If it's good enough for Kitty, it's good enough for me.
  22. The kind of Friday that was going so well.  Until the after-work champagne you were rewarding yourself with decorked itself into a bowl of chopped veggies. 

    I have no idea how it happened but the house is still standing!  And the champagne still tastes sublime.
  23. Beach.  Life.

  24. Beach.  Life.  On.  Repeat.

  25. Uber Eats. 

    Saving dinner time on a crazy Monday evening since forever.
  26. Third beach day in a week. 

    Living the dream this Australia Day.
  27. Less.  Is.  More.  Less pushing.  Less doing.  Less adornment.  The theme of tonight's brief yoga practice.  Great truth, as always, to be found in the asanas.
  28. Jumping into the first day of school for 2021!!

  29. It's Friday and not before time.  Signing out of a pretty productive week.
  30. Our last Saturday to ourselves before Saturday morning sport takes over our lives....
  31. Did you know that 'tilt' is the collective noun for windmills? 

    And that the roof / cap of windmills can be rotated to catch the wind.  Ending the month with a bit of trivia.  Thank you, iFit walking tours.
And it's on to another month.  Already!!

Looking forward to meeting you, February.

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