Feb 16, 2021

Happy Tuesday.

My love of Tuesdays is eternal.  

With school well and truly back and the routines of the working week having made that transition from muscle memory to repetitive execution, this weekday day off of mine has a special place in my heart.

I finally made it back to the pool for the first proper laps of the year.

I've stepped out in this year's box-fresh pair of white Birki Madrids.  And a new pair of Active Truth shorts.  I'm a late adapter to the short activewear tights as day wear trend but I'm making up for this with Commitment to the cause and now own pairs of varying leg lengths (all of which are high rise with excellent mum tum support).

I don't think canned tuna will ever be a trend but I love it all the same.  Today, I've added red onion, gherkin, lemon juice and my favourite mayonnaise and will sandwich it between some toast ends and use the remainder in lettuce rolls.

Mum was in need of more face mask ear protectors so these boldly clashed creations are out to her in the mail via Express Post.  It was a specific request of my mum and aunty that there be colour and clash-iness.  I aim to please.

We've got our Woolworths Discovery Gardens set up for the year 2021.  I can even see some early seedling growth already.

Master SSG gives these White Wings mug cakes two thumbs up.  We added mini marshmallows and choc chips to the batter before 'baking'.  A generous scoop or two of Haagen-Dazs was mandatory.

Did you know that rosemary doesn't just go with lamb?

It's fabulous in a Veggie Bolognese Pasta Bake as well.  I went overboard with the rosemary garnish but the added bonus of this is that I now have their sprigs in a cup of water.  I'm hoping to plant them in a bit alongside the cuttings from Master SSG's school garden that I've successfully planted in the back door planter.

Happy Tuesday, one and all!!

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