Feb 28, 2021

The Greys. The Rainbows.

The skies of Sydney have been a bit grey in recent days.

Grey is for taking shelter ahead of storms.  A gentle but insistent reminder to drive carefully on those roads as you head for home after another busy day.

Grey is for taking the load of your feet for a moment.  A place to sit, regroup and switch gears.

Grey is the sunlight breaking through the rain on Saturday morning.  The thing about grey is that it makes colour pop and your spirits lift accordingly.  

That vibrant flower arrangement on a sidewalk table at the cafe.  Covid restrictions are loosening across the city and it's a joy to see people doing things like sit outside a cafe for breakfast like they did before covid times.

We had rainbow stickers at the screening checkpoint at work this week.

We found this rainbow (seemingly inexplicably) shimmering across Master SSG's backpack one afternoon.

More rainbows were to be found elsewhere as Sydney gears up for Mardi Gras 2021.

Rainbows and love.  

Love for all.

Just another post swim refuel stop.

And love for coffee, KCF and raspberry slushies.

A good week ahead to all.  

May you find that colour or that rainbow in the midst of the grey.

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