Mar 1, 2021

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: February 2021.

How did we get to the last month of summer so quickly?
  1. A takeaway coffee at noon on a Monday? 

    Yes please.
  2. The miracle of earring back discs that help 'lift' where heavier earrings sit in your earlobes.  Game changers.  Mine are from Uberkate.
    via Uberkate

  3. Swimming carnival day for Master SSG.  Full points for pluck and giving it a go.  Our children really are our inspiration.
  4. A busy day and a busy night.  Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow.
  5. Friday afternoon grocery shopping.  Made for people with more stamina than I have right now.  I reckon it's going to take me weeks to build up to getting that second wind for the Friday afternoon grocery run.
  6. Beef Bourguignon made with herbs from the garden.  Domestic Goddess moments are good for the soul.

  7. Sunny Sunday vibes.

  8. A day home with a snuffly child.  Getting all manner of things done.  Including booking said child in to the dentist.  Mustn't forget to book my appointment too.
  9. The child is on the mend.  We're both resting at home.  We also both can't wait to rejoin the rest of the world tomorrow.
  10. When one of your favourite activewear stores has a 40% off sitewide sale that starts at 6pm.  How convenient.
  11. What glorious weather!  Lucky to have caught a bit of sunshine whilst I was out and about for work today.
  12. Happy Lunar New Year! 

    Noodles for dinner and not a stitch of housework to be done.  Both for good luck purposes, of course.
  13. A rainy day in.  Perfect weather for giving me the nudge to get this year's Woolworths Discovery Garden started.
  14. I made it Galentine's Day this year ... and bought myself the Famous Kmart Pie Maker.

  15. Popped my ear savers in the post for mum in Perth.

  16. What a beautiful day for some laps and for stepping out in short activewear tights as pants!

  17. It's never been a better time to be a treadmill traveler.... iFit has hit the South of France! 

    My hopes and dreams have been fulfilled and it's only February.
  18. Lemon wedges on work paper towels.  Work life as art :-)
  19. Feeling like I've nailed this work / mum / life balance thing today.  I was on the road for work at 7am.  I repeat 7am.  School drop off was done and dusted before 7am.
  20. Conference Life in 2021.  Joining virtually while supervising your child in the next room on their iPad. 

    While you both snack.
  21. Fun Nutella fact

    the amount of Nutella produced worldwide in one day is equivalent to nearly three times the weight of the Statue of Liberty.  Can you tell I was helping with maths homework today?
  22. "Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better." Dr  Maya Angelou.
  23. Kept my standing date with the pool today.

  24. I'm always reassured by the presence of leftover Woolies rotisserie chicken in the freezer.  It makes the best last-minute protein component for 'healthy' microwave macaroni cheese.
  25. Words.  Lots and lots of words.
  26. Early start, loose ends tied.  Bring on the weekend!
  27. I've finally made a start on Jane Harper's latest.

    Predictably, I have not been able to put it down.
  28. The sun's returned for the last day of summer.  Hurrah.
It's the start of autumn tomorrow.  

Does that make it okay for me to make a start on wardrobe purchases for the cooler months ahead?  

I can see your enthusiastic head nodding from here.  

I knew you'd see it my way.

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